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News from the Front Porch

KentuckyTravelerPromoThe long awaited autobiography of Ricky Skaggs was released this Tuesday! This book contains fascinating stories about his rise to fame. One of my favorite stories is how as a young boy Bill Monroe pulled him up on the stage by his arm and handed Ricky his Mandolin. ┬áBut more importantly, the book contains Ricky’s testimony in Jesus. I encourage all bluegrass fans to grab a copy of this book for some great front porch reading! And stay tuned as we have a copy we’ll be giving away on the program this weekend (8-18-2013).

Also this weekend, we will have a special guest come visit us on the front porch. Donna Ulisse will be sharing her music and testimony and you will not want to miss this conversation. Donna’s husband is Rick Stanley, cousin to Dr. Ralph Stanley. Hear how that family relationship influenced her music and career and how Ralph Stanley’s performance of Little Maggie at Donna’s wedding would change her life forever.

All this and more this Sunday evening from 6:30-8:30 pm on Front Porch Bluegrass Revival!

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