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Front Porch Decor


tire flower pot

Recently, I had to purchase 4 new tires for my car. Those of you who have had to do that, well, you know how expensive that can be! But when life hands you lemons, make some sweet tea and enjoy the front porch…ha!

I decided not to let that necessary purchase get me down. The old worn tires would be turned into something useful the family could enjoy from the front porch rocking chairs. Thus was born the tire planters!

They were really quite simple to make. Just cut one side wall of the worn tire into the shapes of flower petals — you can get really creative. Then turn the tire inside out. Okay, that part was a little difficult, but with practice it get’s easier. Now I have four nice sized rubber planters I can use for raised bed gardening around the front porch!

For the really creative, you can purchase spray paint and add some bright colors to your planters. Turn your trials into something of beauty!

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