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God’s Front Porch

Dillard HouseMarch 2013 marked the 2nd year anniversary of Front Porch Bluegrass Revival on NewLife FM. I want to personally thank everyone who helped make the program a success and a big thanks to all those fine bluegrass gospel musicians out there who continue to make great music!

┬áThe very first song we played on Front Porch Bluegrass Revival was “God’s Front Porch” by Lou Reid and Carolina. The song contemplates the thought that heavenly mansions will have front porches very much like those we are familear with now. I like that thought.

Recently, my wife and I made a trip to Dillard, Georgia and snapped the above photo on the porch of the Dillard House restaurant. What a great place to spend an evening enjoying God’s scenery! If this is what we have to look forward to in heaven I’m glad I signed up. (As if spending eternity with Jesus isn’t reason enough).

Front Porch Bluegrass Revival is more than the music. For me it’s been a fun time to visit with the listeners and learn about bluegrass groups that they enjoy and even add them to the playlist. It also gives me a foot in the door to speak with bluegrass groups I come across at various bluegrass festivals around the NewLife FM area.

If you haven’t been to a bluegrass festival, I encourage you to find one near you and go! They can be tons of fun for the whole family. So, again thank you to each and everyone for helping to make this program fun, exciting, and successful for the past 2 years and looking forward to many more!

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