Georgia Peaches

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bucket o peaches

 June in Georgia means only one thing — Peaches! Here on the Front Porch, my family and I started a new family tradition. That tradition is picking peaches at our favorite orchard in Locust Grove.

 As you can imagine, a five-gallon bucket of peaches is a lot of peaches. In order to give the peaches a longer shelf life, we decided to try our hand at making pickled peaches. Pickled peaches have such a sweet flavor and they are a great item to have on hand through out the year.

The pickling juice is quite simple. We used Apple Cider vinegar, sugar, cloves,canned peaches and cinnamon sticks. Then we brought that solution to a boil and dropped peeled peaches into the solution and simmered for about 5-7 minutes before canning. And then we filled the mason jars, put them in the boiling water and sealed them. The “plink, plink” of the jars sealing as the cooled was music to our ears.

Now, I mentioned that we had peeled the peaches before canning, so what to do with all those peels? Well, we boiled them down, strained them, and got about 4 cups of juice. To that we added pectin and sugar. The end product was peach jelly which we also canned.

peach picking_girlsIn July, we look forward to getting fresh freestone peaches which we will can or freeze using a different process than pickling. I cannot think of a better way to enjoy this Georgia summer than with family, fresh peaches, and good bluegrass gospel music.

Brad Davis

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brad davisJust got this brandnew album from Brad Davis in the mail! We’ll be hearing cuts from this fantastic Gospel album on the Front Porch this weekend (6-9-13).

My friend from Mansion Entertainment and BlueGrass Valley Records — John Mathis, Jr — was kind enough to send us the project. Brad Davis recorded a song from John’s dad — the late Country Johnny Mathis — called Black Sheep. A real great hard driving bluegrass version and one of my favorite cuts from this project.

Brad Davis is known as the Shredder for his cutting edge guitar picking style. For more information on this Grammy winning artist click the website below.