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Locomotive 509

engine 509

Recently, while preparing the broadcast for Georgia ¬†News You can use — I came across the story of Steam Locomotive 509 in Macon. My love of trains compelled me to read the story and in it I found a picture of Jesus.

Back in the day, one could picture Locomotive 509 steaming its way across Georgia in all the glory and splendor afforded the technological marvel of it’s time. One could imaging the blast of its steam whistle and the sheer strength it took to haul it’s many freight cars and perhaps passenger cars. Now it sits in a city park in Macon. A rusted hulk and hollow shell.

The locomotive has attracted some interest. An outfit wishes to restore the train to its  former glory and put it back into service. While others look at the train and decry it as an eyesore. Some even look at the train and see it as a bigger example of failure and attribute to it the alleged failures of others.

Isn’t that a lot like how you and I are sometimes viewed? Maybe we have fallen on hard times. Others think we have out-lived our usefulness and shove our failures in our face while saying there is no hope. But thank God there are those who see potential in us.

If you are feeling a bit like Locomotive 509 — rest assured NewLife FM sees potential for restoration. We know that Jesus Christ is the great restorer. He sees the potential you have — to Him you are not a rusted pile of scrap metal. There is hope.

Let’s not be like those who shake their heads in shame. Instead let’s look past the rust, weeds, and unsightly paint. Let us open our eyes to the potential Christ has for each and everyone of us.

POSTED ON July 16, 2013,

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