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Standing with Boston

Our hearts and prayers go out to Boston following these horrific bombings. As I was watching the newscasts yesterday unfold, my mind wandered back to my own memories of Boston.

When I was in college, I spent a summer/winter break working for a corporation in Boston. It was extremely hard work and long hours. Driving in during rush hour at 5 am was the worst and then hitting afternoon rush hour was a bear. I used to listen to Howie Carr on the ride home and WBZ.

I worked for the landscaping and maintenance department and we had many business properties we were responsible for around Boston. Over the course of the summer I worked with many immigrants and let me tell you, they worked hard and I learned a lot about their culture. Whether or not they were here legally — I didn’t ask — I just knew they worked hard and most of them sent what little they had back home.  Not trying to make a political statement, just sharing facts and something that stood out to me as a 20-year-old.

The other thing I remember — and being a New Englander myself — was the plethora of sarcasm and cuss words. It seemed every other word was the F word. It was liberally sprinkled about conversations just like salt during a meal, and most likely for the same reason — to add a little flavor. Like I said, I growing up in New England, that was normal conversation so it never really bothered me and you learn to just tune it out eventually. I’m not condoning that sort of language, but it’s New England culture love it or hate it. It is what it is.

Personally, I never spoke like that around them (God forgive me…I did have quite the potty mouth before I cleaned up my life). Anyway, I never condemned them nor judged them. I just chose not to talk like that. Most of them took notice and apologized and cleaned up their language. But I told them they didn’t need to apologize to me, I wasn’t offended. After a while that opened doors to share my faith.

I’ll never forget the day I overheard a couple older co-workers discussing life. I had been assigned to baseboard scrubbing due to the rainy weather and I was working in a hallway. Down the stairwell a couple other guys were working on a project and having a good time joking around and cutting up. The language was flying and the crude jokes were dropping. Then this complete stranger walked by and started chatting with them as he waited for the rain to die down. This complete stranger made one of the nastiest remarks about a woman and her daughter who were in the parking lot getting into their car.

After the individual left, the two co-workers stopped their jokes and profanity. Both of them had daughters. Then one said to the other how much of a schmuck that stranger was and how far gone society was that shmucks like that were walking around. Then they both agreed that parents these days need to have some sort of religion in order to make sense of society and how parents need to have faith in order to combat the filth of society and not let their kids be sucked up into it. Yes, these two foul mouthed jesters realized that simply fact.

Now here we are 13-years later. The world I think has changed for the worse since then. And yes, we do need religion and faith to make sense of it all. But what you put your faith in will make all the difference. Personally I choose Jesus and I hope you will too. If I didn’t have faith in Jesus, despair would reign in my life. But through Jesus there is hope that society will be restored. Not through political activism, but through Jesus himself as he brings final judgement and then reigns on earth for 1,000 years. Yes, on this very earth we are now physically occupying.

We have seen the depravity of mankind in action — 9-11, North Korea, terrorist attacks around the world, the threats on Israel, the Boston Bombings. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see Jesus come back. Lord come quickly.

POSTED ON April 16, 2013,

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