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New Spring Changes to NewLife Praise!

With the arrival of Spring in Georgia, I always find the urge to start new projects and change things up a bit. You’ll hear new changes coming to NewLife Praise this spring too.

1. Georgia News You Can Use — this is a new news segment that will highlight news of interest from around the NewLife FM area and the state of Georgia. this 2-3 minute news segment will air at the top of the 5 and 6 pm hour following AP radio news. Folks can follow up on the news tidbits by visiting NewLife.FM and browsing our news widget!

2. Trivia Tuesday — Who doesn’t like winning fun prizes? Every Tuesday at around 5:15 pm we will ask a trivia question and then open up the phone lines. The first correct caller will win. We won’t end the contest until we do get a correct caller so if you don’t get through on your first try…try again! On the Trivia Tuesday launch we had about 10 callers before we got the correct answer.

3. Front Porch Friday — This segment will airĀ around 6:25-6:30 pm Friday. Front Porch Friday is sponsored by Front Porch Bluegrass Revival and will feature one bluegrass artist/song. It could be anything from the traditional sound of early bluegrass to the more hard driven progressive sound of today’s bluegrass musicians. All in all it will be a fun time to do something a bit different than the usual.

Other fun features are in the works and we hope that you will join us every Monday – Friday as we have fun and praise the Lord on NewLife Praise!

POSTED ON March 22, 2013,

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