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Giving Tuesday

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday, Cyber-Monday, and now Giving Tuesday? These are the names of some well-known (and little known) shopping holidays following Thanksgiving and heading into the Christmas crush. Like it or not, our society is driven by the need to get the best deals and the drive to out give each other on December 25th.

In the midst of the shopping chaos — I’m not going to complain about a day set aside for charitable giving. A little known day called Giving Tuesday. I am so thankful for the fine folks who have supported NewLife FM all throughout the year — many of them giving sacrificially. Thank all y’all!!!

Heading into Giving Tuesday, I was encouraged by a letter NewLife FM received recently from Cedar Rock Church in Jackson. I’d like to share it with you.

Dear Sir:

Our Congregation chooses a faith-based group to send our church tithes to each month. Your organization was chosen for September.

Many of us listen to you regularly and receive many blessings from your broadcasts.

Please use these funds to continue the spreading of God’s word to places and in ways that we cannot.

In Christ,

The Congregation of Cedar Rock Church

WOW! NewLife FM is grateful for your support Cedar Rock! And I’d like to take this time to highlight a point they made in the letter “continue the spreading of God’s word to places and in ways that we cannot.” NewLife FM is not here to replace the church. We are here to help the church in their mission. NewLife FM is an extension of the church and of many individuals and organizations who are engaging in the Great Commission!

Will you consider supporting NewLife FM on Giving Tuesday? And perhaps even throughout the coming New Year? We could not fulfill our duty if it was not for the support of many individuals and organizations who share the common goal of reaching people for Christ.

More information on how you can support us is available online at www.NewLife.FM or by calling 770-229-2020 during business hours (9 am – 5 pm…Monday-Friday). And remember, each gift is tax-deductible for 2012 if donated before December 31st! God Bless!

POSTED ON November 26, 2012,

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