Faith like a Child

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Luke 18:17

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”


Being a father has given me a better understand of how God sees each of us. I’d like to say that it has given me a better appreciation for patience and long suffering, but unfortunately I’m still human. It has, however, taught me a lot about the loving discipline that God measures out to his wayward children — and it has given me a greater appreciation for unconditional love.

This morning as I was preparing for another day at NewLife FM, my daughters decided to put on an impromptu fashion show. They love to dress up in their princess play clothes while dancing and singing — all for the approval of their father. It’s a fun and silly family time, but the question I get over and over again is, “Am I pretty?”

If we are all honest, we adults are a lot like these children. The things we do each day are much like a “fashion show” we put on for Jesus. We ask Him things like, “Am I pretty?” — “Did I do a good job?” — “Do I matter?” etc…

When my own children ask me these questions, I always respond with a “yes”. It doesn’t matter if their dancing shoes are on the wrong feet, their princess dress is inside out, or that they can’t remember all the words to the songs they sing for me — they always have my unconditional love.

In the Bible, we learn that all the things we try to do to gain approval from God are as “filthy rags”. But I can’t help but think that the Heavenly Father looks down on us none-the-less and says with a smile, “You already have my unconditional love.”

We are all His little children.