They didn’t teach gator rescue in broadcast school

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This week has to be one of the top 10 craziest weeks in my broadcast career. Earlier this week I got a call from my friend Jason Clark of SouthEastern Reptile Rescue at 4 AM. He was on his way to a call in Macon — apparently an 8 foot gatorĀ (at least) was trying to cross I-75. Jason’s truck broke down in Forsyth, and I offered to meet him in my Chevy Impala to help him out.

The police officer responding to the scene — his cruiser took some damage and a flat tire from a gator chomp. Originally I was told it was a small gator so I offered to take Jason to the call and use my vehicle to rescue the gator. Apparently his size had been underestimated.

Anyway…Jason was able to subdue the gator and we managed to fit him in my vehicle. In order to get the gator to fit I had to fold down the passenger seats and poke his head through. So image driving with an 8 foot gator hissing and growling at your back. If you missed the video…here is the link…


Find out more information on SouthEastern Reptile Rescue here: www.SnakesRUs.com