Are you a Mary or Martha?

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Apart from NewLife Praise — one of the programs I host on Sunday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm is called Front Porch Bluegrass Revival. Recently we added new songs from a group called Nu-Blu (which came out with their first all gospel bluegrass album). The project called Nail by Nail only has seven songs, but these songs are oh so powerful — my favorite being Martha and Mary.

We find the story about these two women in Luke 10:38-42. Most of us are familear with the story. One day Jesus decides to have dinner with their family, Martha freaks out about having everything just so in the house and on the dinner table (sound familear around the holiday season?) and Mary puts all that aside to sit at the feet of Jesus and show her thankfulness by listening to his teachings.

We all have a little Mary and Martha in each and everyone of us. The question is — what is the dominate personality? When the holidays approach do we let Martha take over and stress about the decorations, the meal, or the clean house? Or do we let Mary take over and put aside the stress of the season in order to truly thank Jesus for his blessings and make sure we have time for true one on one worship with Him?

Each of us have so much to be thankful for this year despite our circumstances. I hope that this holiday season we will make room for some one on one time with our Saviour. Let’s resolve to “declutter” the holidays and spend some time at His feet. And don’t worry if the dinner rolls don’t come out perfect.

Listen to Nu-Blu — Martha and Mary!