Somebody Else’s Story

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So I was driving to work one morning and I popped in John Waller’s latest CD because I was looking for some inspiration for a bit of production work I was writing. As I’m nearing Griffin and the studio’s of NewLife FM the song Somebody Else’s Story started to play. Wow! This song embodies all that we are about at NewLife FM! We are here to offer praise and worship to our Lord and to point people to the new life found only in Him. But we could not do that without your gifts of finincial support. By supporting NewLife FM, you and I become part of somebody else’s story of redemption, hope, and comfort. I hope today that you will become part of Somebody Else’s story when you visit www.NewLife.FM and click on dontate! You could be a part of your neighbor, co-worker, children, husband, wife, or other relation’s story of redemption!