This Little Light of Mine

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Tybee Island Lighthouse

 It’s that time of year again when NewLife FM gears up for our annual fall sharathon. The theme of this years sharathon will center around letting your light shine for Jesus.

Recently my family and I took a trip to the coast of Georgia and took a tour of the famous Tybee Island Lighthouse. The history surrounding this lighthouse and the many keepers throughout the centuries is quite fascinating. It was the job of the keeper and his assistants to make sure that the light was in peak condition otherwise ships would meet their demise on the sandy shores of the island. The light served as a warning beacon on dark nights.

As you can imagine, the task of keeping the light in working order was not a simple one. Part of the tour is climbing 178 steps to the top and we were so exhausted from just one climb. Can you imagine doing that several times a day! No wonder the keeper required assistance!

Much like the Tybee Island Lighthouse, NewLife FM serves as a beacon of hope in Georgia. Through our tall radiotowers we shine a light into your radios warning folks of the danger of a life without Christ, while at the same time offering a message of hope through a new life in Christ. Through our signal we shine a light into a dark world. But just like the keeper of the Tybee Island Lighthouse required assistants, we too need your assistance. We don’t have 178 steps to climb every day, but you can imagine the work it takes to operate a radio station and the finances required to broadcast our signal 24/7. That is where your assistance is greatly appreciated!

We need financial supporters and volunteers to help keep our signal in working order. Through your gifts of support we can make sure NewLife FM is in peak operating condition and shining the light of Jesus brightly for all to hear. To our faithful supporters we thank you greatly for your gifts of support and we hope to hear from you during our fall sharathon as you renew your support. For those of you who have supported us in the past but it’s been a while since you’ve sent a financial gift, we look forward to hearing from you too! And of course, we always love to hear from new friends each and every sharathon.

So as we continue to prepare for our fall sharathon at NewLife FM, we hope that you will prayerfully consider participating. Be sure to visit our website and be listening on 90.7, 91.7, and 107.1 for more details concerning our fall sharathon. Together we will keep the light burning brightly!