Faith, Family, and Food

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In the vast wasteland that is reality TV, there is rarely anything redemptive — until now. Recently I had the privilege of talking with reality tv star and winner of America’s first Master Chef title Whitney Miller. Her love for God, family, and food is inspiring and I am excited to share that conversation with listeners on an upcoming edition of Georgia Town Crier this Thursday at noon.

My wife and I are self proclaimed foodies and we love to watch cooking shows on television. So we were intrigued by a brand new reality show called Master Chef. At first we approached the program cautiously expecting lots of bad language, back biting, and back stabbing — fare we could do well without. However, early in the competition we were intrigued by a young lady from Mississippi who handled herself rather well and we knew there was something different about this contestant — so much so that we rooted for her from the beginning. Long story short she blew away the competition and clinched the title of America’s first Master Chef. And I was thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss that one aspect that set her apart from the others. And what exactly sets Whitney Miller-Master Chef apart from her competitors? Her faith in Jesus.

In our Georgia Town Crier interview, Whitney dishes on how the Master Chef competition was God’s calling on her life to point others to the Lord. She tells the story of how she was viewed as the “underdog” and even questioned about her age as one of the judges felt she was too young to compete. Yet Whitney chose to remain strong and encouraged herself in the Lord by reciting 1 Timothy 4:12 — “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Whitney lived out that verse on Master Chef. She wowed the judges with her skills — which she says were given to her by God. Whitney also wowed audiences with her composure. There was no need for the network to bleep her speech, no back biting, no back stabbing — rare for a reality show. Whitney shone as a bright example for Christ and she wants to use her Master Chef title and experience to further the gospel of Christ.

I encourage you to tune in this Thursday at noon to find out more about Whitney Miller’s testimony on Georgia Town Crier.