An interesting note on relaxation

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From time to time I get these email notes from the folks at focus on the family and this one I thought was worth passing on. Some interesting thoughts about summer relaxation…enjoy!

Dear Friend,

Rest is a four-letter word. Unfortunately, we treat is as such.

Life is a numbing rush of deadlines, over-scheduling, too many projects and too much information. For some reason, we are compelled to overload our lives with “doing” — equating success with having a bigger to-do list than the other guy.

But that’s “doing.” Not “living.” Our families need us to let go of the busyness and take time to live.

Summertime is a good time to pause for a moment and examine our crazy, hectic schedules and ask ourselves where family falls on our to-do list.

Dr. Archibald Hart — a close friend of Focus on the Family — once told listeners, “I’m not saying, ‘Don’t finish your projects. Don’t tackle that pile of dishes. Don’t tackle that pile of paper.’ I’m saying to make it a point to sit back and relax with your family.”

While on the surface, Dr. Hart’s comments might seem simplistic, you might be surprised to realize how counter his idea runs to today’s culture, and how deeply an impact that decision can make in our families. He goes on to say, “Go hug your child; play a game of Monopoly®; spend a few minutes thanking God for your home, family and job. Believe me, your children will take notice.”

This summer, dare to let go of the busyness and make time to rest.

Helping families thrive!

Brian Krause
Media Representative


Spring sharathon thanks

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A big thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s spring sharathon. Your sacrificial giving is helping to keep the Heart Warming Life Changing message of a New Life in Christ on the air in your community. We understand that things are tight and the economic future may be uncertain, but we also know that God is in control of our destiny. When we step out in faith He is faithful to provide our every need, and we thank you for taking that leap of faith.

May God bless you as you continue to bless us and the listeners in your community!