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It almost seems like it was overnight that the weather here in the NewLife FM listening area changed to fall. Another sure sign of autumn came when a field in my backyard suddenly turned yellow with goldenrod.

Many people associate goldenrod with hay-fever and consider it a pesky weed, but I am reminded of the verse in scripture when God says the fields are dressed in more glory and splendor than Solomon’s kingdom. Of course He was talking about lilies, but I think goldenrods could fit the description too.

In Europe, the goldenrod is actually a prized garden flower used in landscaping. And unbeknownst to many, the “weed” has many other uses too. For example:

1. Thomas Edison exploited the plants latex content when he made a pair of tires from goldenrods for his Model T.

2. Goldenrod tea is believed to have medicinal properties that can be used to fight kidney stones.

3. Goldenrod tea is thought to relieve pain from arthritis

4. Goldenrod is thought to have properties that relieve hay-fever

5. Goldenrod is thought to have properties that can reduce flu symptoms

Kind of puts goldenrod in a whole new light.